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Pokemon Center  Vending Machine - Bellevue, WA.


Pokemon Center  Vending Machine - Bellevue, WA.



I hate this fucking website.

What's your honest opinion of genderbend cosplays? Because for me, as a more busty girl, it's hard to bind my chest and get away with looking the male part, so I do some genderbends.


I think genderbend cosplays are awesome and can be empowering, but if you’d rather cosplay as a male character rather than a genderbent version of one please don’t let your physical anatomy stop you from doing that. I am a firm believer in people cosplaying whoever they want regardless of gender, size, age, etc. Your love for a character is much more important than how your body compares to theirs—IMO, the whole point of cosplay is to embrace how you identify with a character, not to turn yourself into a carbon copy of them. <3

Taylor Swift’s new Diet Coke Commercial (x)


me after watching the caryl reunion

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'The Walking Dead' by Big Purple Glasses